Annual exams have always been an important routine in owning a pet, to ensure that they are as healthy as possible. While vaccinations help protect your pet from illness, preventive testing also helps us to establish a baseline of what is normal for your pet as well as to detect any changes early.

Catching changes early often means they will be easier and less expensive to treat. Think of preventive blood work as the internal physical exam that lets us check the health of organs.

Flea, tick, intestinal parasite and heartworm disease preventative medications also ensure that your beloved pets stay healthy.

Ward Animal Hospital offers the following Wellness Exams

Canine Yearly Exams*
Physical Exam
Intestinal Parasite Screen
Heartworm Only Test
Bordetella Vaccine

Feline Yearly Exams*
Physical Exam
Feline Rabies
Intestinal Parasite screen
Felv/Fiv test**

Wellness bloodwork is recommended for each pet.
This verifies that your pet is not ill and also gives the doctor a reference point if your pet did ever get sick.

*Prices are subject to change
**The Felv/Fiv test is only required if it has never been done on your cat before.