Protect your pet!

Fleas and ticks – if you have wildlife or stray animals around your home then your pets should be protected.

Heartworm disease – standing water around your home is a breeding ground for those pesky mosquitoes, which can cause heartworms

Canine topical flea prevention

  • Vectra 3D – Provides a 6-way protection: repels and kills fleas, ticks mosquitoes, biting lice, sand flies and mites.

Canine oral flea/ tick prevention

  • Bravecto – prevents fleas/ ticks for 12 weeks

Canine oral flea/heartworm disease/ intestinal parasite prevention

  • Simparica trio – prevents fleas, ticks and heartworms for 30 days

Long lasting Heartworm prevention

  • Proheart 6 – injectable heartworm prevention that lasts 6 months
  • Proheart 12 – injectable heartworm prevention that lasts 12 months

Feline topical prevention

  • Catego – prevents flea/ ticks for 30 days.
  • Nexgard combo – kill fleas and ticks, prevent heartworm disease, and treat and control roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms.

Pets should be protected year round for complete effectiveness.
All oral preventions are given monthly and by prescription only.
Revolution is a feline monthly topical prevention that is by prescription only.

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