Canine Breeding Management

Ward Animal Hospital offers specialized breeding management services. We are able to
measure progesterone levels with our in-house miniVidas machine, which produces a
numerical result within the hour.

We also offer a specialized procedure called Transcervical Insemination (TCI). With this
procedure, semen is deposited in the uterus (same location as with a surgical AI) through an
endoscope and a catheter. The procedure is done in the standing dog and does not require
anesthesia or surgical intervention, rarely does it require light sedation. We do NOT
perform surgical inseminations unless Transcervical Insemination has been attempted and
been unsuccessful on more than one instance.

We offer tailored packages that include all breeding services per breeding cycle:

  • All office visits and revisits
  • All vaginal cytologies
  • Vaginoscopy if required
  • All progesterone measurements necessary until breeding
  • Artificial insemination (vaginal or transcervical, one or two inseminations)
  • A pregnancy ultrasound
  • A puppy count X-ray

We do recommend an office visit early in the heat (4-5 days after first noticing signs of heat)
in order to catch early ovulating dogs. We do require proof of current rabies vaccinations,
proof of current DAPPL and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination is required if the bitch is
intended to be boarded at Ward Animal Hospital for any period of time. We do suggest
bringing a copy of any registration papers if available and we strongly recommend a
Brucellosis test if the dog was previously bred. A brucellosis card test can be run at Ward
Animal Hospital but is not included in the package prices.

We do not guarantee conception or pregnancy. We retain the right to refuse service for any
reason. In particular, we might choose to refrain from breeding due to aggression, deemed
physical limitations or undesirable physical traits that are considered heritable.

A reproductive office visit at Ward Animal Hospital is $52. Suggestions as to what type of
insemination or ovulation timing services might be most suitable depending on the dog, breeding
history, and type of available semen.

To schedule an appointment, for package prices, or any further questions please contact us
at 936.564.4341.

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